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Company Timeline

Candy Mountain Sweets & Treats LLC dba Innovative Candy Concepts has been making Kid’s candy for over 20 years utilizing the Too Tarts brand name. The appeal of healthy candy for kids became apparent to Armand Hammer, the president and CEO of the company. The sugar was removed from all the candy offerings in 2004. The reception from consumers was immediate and overwhelming. Too Tarts candy helped spearhead sour candy becoming a major category in the kid’s candy market, making Too Tarts candy an instant success.

Too Tarts candy is no longer considered a novelty candy and is currently a staple component in the candy market. Linear inch for linear inch, Too Tarts candy has been proven to be one of the most profitable items on the retailer’s candy shelves and has continuously enjoyed unsurpassed success. Because Too Tarts candy is made in the USA, and considering its health benefits, Too Tarts will be an instant winner for any distributor or retailer.

Too Tarts candy has enjoyed the status of its peers, winning numerous awards over the years, such as:

  • The Silver Circle Award as Category Driver of the Year by Confectioner Magazine in years 2003, 2004 and 2005.
  • The Gold Circle Award from Confectioner Magazine for Novelty/Interactive Candy
  • Best Product of the Year – C Store Magazine
  • The ECRM’s Kid’s Choice award – 3 time winner
  • The National Paperboard completion Gold Award winner – 2 time winner
  • First Place – Too Tarts Spray Candy – Food & Beverage Executive Innovation Award
  • Progressive Grocer Category Captain Award
  • CIN Stars of the Industry – Best Product Award (Confectionery)
  • CSP Retailer Choice – Best New Products
  • Professional Candy Buyer Product of the Year Nominee
  • Too Tarts is also currently the only candy to have been featured in five separate segments of the Food Network’s highly rated TV show, Unwrapped

The company vision is very clear and strong, including the mandate to provide healthy candy for children and always striving to encompass every means necessary to insure the safety and reliability of the product.

The company has also just introduced a new line of products, Spray Sweeteners, that are the greatest advancement in sweetening foods since the invention of the packet. Sweet Spraytm is made utilizing Sucralose and, for the, folks who are natural food conscious, Sprayviatm is made with Stevia. The category brand motto is “Sweeten Your Food, Sweeten Your Drink, Sweeten Your LIFE!”

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