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ICC Executive Team

Armand Hammer – President & CEO
An entrepreneurial business developer and visionary, Armand Hammer began developing and marketing novelty items to the convenience store industry more than 35 years ago. He has an extensive track record of conceiving and building successful companies premised on innovative ideas and products. As Founder, President & CEO of Innovative Candy Concepts (ICC), Mr. Hammer took an idea for a sour liquid candy and grew it into a leading candy company that manufactures a nationally-distributed top-selling kids and all-family brand. Mr. Hammer has an extensive business development background, and studied business at the Pontiac School of Business. He is recognized as a leader in the candy industry for taking kids candy from novelty to mainstream, with consistent growth of the segment.

Interesting Note: Armand also has a very strong Musical and Entertainment background and has performed on the same stages as Stevie Wonder, the Osmond Brothers, the Jackson 5 and many other recording artists. He has written many songs and commercials and he makes frequent appearances on various television networks and radio programs. Armand is a true Showman and Visionary, as well as a polished Business Man.

Armand has also competed in 28 marathons since the age of 50. They have been as remote as Nova Scotia where there were about 100 runners up to the New York Marathon (5 times) where there were over 30,000 runners. Others have included the Atlanta Marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, Honolulu Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, and many more. "I have enjoyed them all!"

Bob Davis – Vice President of Purchasing
Bob Davis signed on as Vice President of Purchasing at ICC 9 years ago, and oversees the company's Purchasing and Research & Development departments. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Davis served as Owner and President of Alpha Packaging, a successful New York City-based package manufacturing company, which served large national corporations. Mr. Davis founded and operated the company for 32 years. He is a graduate of City College of New York, in Electrical Engineering.


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