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ATLANTA, GA –– Too Tarts™ Kidz Kandy, leading brand of Innovative Candy Concepts, will introduce its new Suck Ups kids candy just in time for Halloween, the biggest seasonal candy event of the year. Expected to be the hottest new kids candy of 2003, Suck Ups are miniature baby bottles with a real baby bottle nipple, filled with Jammy Juice™ liquid juice concentrate candy. The new candy is expected to arrive at retailers, including convenience stores, mass merchants and grocery chains, beginning mid-October.

Each uniquely packaged bottle contains Jammy Juice, a new type of candy exclusively from Too Tarts, which is an intensely-flavored candy made from juice concentrate. It is the equivalent of 100 percent freshly squeezed juice, with real fruit bits and the daily requirement of vitamin C. An explosion of flavor happens when the Jammy Juice is sucked through a real rubber nipple.

"Parents are always looking for healthy alternatives for their kids, and Halloween is no exception. If you've ever given a kid an apple or money at Halloween, you know it just doesn't cut it. Suck Ups is a candy that's fun, innovative, appealing to kids, tastes great and contains real fruit juice. Even kids want the real thing, and this is the only candy product on the market with the exclusive Jammy Juice candy, made from real fruit juice, and a real rubber nipple," said Armand Hammer, president and CEO. "We have successfully developed a niche for liquid sour candy in the kids candy category, and we continue to develop products that fit the demands for kids. And, while we know Suck Ups will be a huge success with the kids, we believe it will appeal to kids of all ages, and fully expect it to be popular with the adults trick or treaters, as well."

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), Halloween is the number-one seasonal event for candy sales, with total sales of $1.9 billion in 1999. Trends also include sour flavors, intense taste and unique packaging, all offered by the new Suck Ups. Candy sales on the whole, in 2002, totaled 4.2 billion, in convenience stores alone.

Suck Ups will be available in a four sour flavor assortment and a four sweet flavor assortment. The flavors are: Strawberry, Grape, Green Apple and Blueberry. Each bottle contains 20ml of liquid candy. The suggested retail price is $.99. As with all Too Tarts products, the candy is featured in top–of–the–line packaging and display options. Displays include a 24–ct. inline, a 36–ct. inline, a 36–ct. counter display and a 144–ct. sidekick display with floorstand (showcasing all Suck Ups versions).

Suck Ups is backed by an impactful national advertising and publicity campaign, called "When Life Sucks, Suck Back." The campaign features vintage and lifestyle photos with humorous "tongue–in–cheek" captions. The ads are targeted to adult buyers/consumers, since so many adults buy candy for their kids. The campaign ads will also be developed as a line of collector's series posters. The Too Tarts posters return following the highly successful "Y Too Tarts" poster campaign from 2002. The first of these ads dropped in September print publications. In addition, Suck Ups will be featured in the Innovative Candy Concepts exhibit at this year's NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) convention, in Chicago.

Too Tarts is part of Innovative Candy Concepts, a privately-held consumer products company, based in Atlanta, Ga. The Too Tarts brand also features UFOs™, Sour Blast™, Super Sweet™ and Sweet Heet™ spray candy and Xtra Sour Goo™ Tubes. In addition to Too Tarts, the Innovative Candy Concepts umbrella includes the new No Guilt™ Sinfully Delicious™ dessert bites.

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