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Who is Innovative Candy Concepts?
ICC is a 21-year-old company that specializes in making healthy candy. We proudly claim the title of being America's first Guilt Free Candy Company.

What does Innovative Candy Concepts sell?
Guilt Free Candy for all ages. Our award winning kids candy line is called Too Tarts.

What does "guilt free" mean?
"Guilt Free" means very low calorie, no sugar, no fat, no sodium and no gluten.

What makes Innovative Candy Concepts unique?
We are very unique because all of our candy products address the health concerns of kids and adults alike. Making sugar free candy is not enough because historically it is still high in calories, fat and sodium.

How can your product be "guilt free" of all of those health risks things and still have great taste?
ICC has 20 years of experience working with natural and artificial flavor along with cutting edge artificial sweeteners to create a fully satisfying "sweet snack experience" without the use of high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, or high fat ingredients. Yes, it is more difficult, but very doable, especially once you realize the size of the market that is looking for such a product.

Who are your competitors?
No one. No other company makes a full line of Real Guilt Free candy.

What awards has Innovative Candy Concepts won?
2003 Confectioner Magazine Silver Circle Award
2004 Confectioner Magazine Silver Circle Award
Professional Candy Buyer Product of the Year
CSP Retailers Choice Best New Product
Convenience Industry News Best New Product – Confectionery
Progressive Grocer Category Captain – Honorable Mention
2005 Confectioner Magazine Category Driver
2009 Convenience Store News Best New Product
Spring ECRM First Place Kids Choice Award
ECRM Third Place Kids Choice Award
2010 Food and Beverage Executive Innovation Award
ECRM Second Place Kids Choice Award

Where have your products been sold?
Big box drug stores – Walgreen's, Rite Aid, CVS.
Mass Merchandisers – Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target.
Dollar Stores – Dollar General, Family Dollar.
National Grocery Chains – Kroger, Publix.
National and independent Convenience Store chains.
Specialty Merchandisers – Michael's, AutoZone, Party City, Hobby Lobby.

Can I buy your products online?
Yes, they can be purchased at:

Why aren't the larger companies doing this?
An excellent question, but they certainly are not. It takes a small company to react to the market needs with the speed and intensity that ICC does. Research shows over 80% of consumers don't buy or rarely buy candy due to medical reasons or feelings of guilt.

How does Innovative Candy Concepts make contributions to the community?
Our product line is not just a business strategy. It is a moral commitment to the health of our children, adults and our country. Our product lines themselves are a contribution to the community. However, we do donate our Too Tarts Sugar Free candy to groups and organizations on occasion.


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